We weten dat je de stad en de omgeving wilt verkennen. Daarom organiseren we activiteiten en excursies voor onze studenten. Het is aan jou, maar we raden je aan om het te doen, zodat je meer te weten komt over de stad en de cultuur terwijl je plezier hebt met je klasgenoten en het personeel.

We hebben drie activiteiten op weekdagen die tussen de één en drie uur duren, en elk weekend één activiteit die een volledige dag duurt, of een tweedaagse excursie wanneer we een andere stad bezoeken. Klinkt leuk, toch?

Peruvian cooking class

This is one of the most popular activities for our students. They discover typical peruvian ingredients, new spanish vocabulary and the most important part, how to cook famous Peruvian dishes like Causa rellena, Ceviche, Lomo saltado, Ají de gallina and the most traditional drink in Peru, Pisco Sour.

granja de alpacas

Alpacas farm

At a 20-minute car ride outside the city of Cusco we can find the Awanakancha alpaca farm where we go on a tour around its site museum and a guide explains the importance of alpacas and other camelids on Inca and pre-Inca time. Then, we will see the different types of alpacas, llamas, guanacos and vicuñas. We can feed them and we will also see the traditional process of spinning, dyeing and weaving alpaca wool.

Ceramics workshop

In the town of Tipón, south of Cusco, we find the Anthony’s pottery workshop, an artisan and student on arts who elaborates ceramics with Andean ancestral motifs and who also uses traditional techniques for painting. In our ceramic workshop activity you will learn these techniques while having fun doing and painting pottery with Anthony! At the end, you can take a souvenir painted by yourself! This is a very fun and relaxing activity.

Walking tour

The best way to get to know the city is on foot, that is why we designed a walking circuit for the main attractions of Lima like the historical center,  In this walk you can visit El Palacio de Gobierno, the cathedral of Lima and the beautiful colonial architecture. Barranco, a bohemian district with lots of waves, where you can strolls through its colorful streets and see many murals made by urban artists, and we will end up watching the sunset on the cliff. Miraflores, we will visit its most popular parks and streets, the walk along the boardwalk with the best views of the Pacific Ocean.

Horseback riding

Nothing like a horse ride in the mountains of Cusco, at only 10 minutes by car we will be out of the city, surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscapes. We will enjoy the nature and the open air of the Andes riding our Peruvian Paso Horses, considered the most comfortable and safe mountain race in the world for its peculiar way of walking.

Islas Palomino, swim with South American sea lions

In this weekend activity, we go to the province of Callao, 30 minutes from Lima, to enjoy a yacht tour through Las Islas Palomino (Palomino Islands). We dive into the sea where we can enjoy a beautiful show of birds of the sea and thousands of South American sea lions with which you can swim in their natural habitat.

Tambopata Natural Reserve

Did you know there is also rainforest Cusco? That’s right, we will have a great adventure in Cusco rainforest, in the Tambopata Natural Reserve, during two full days to explore the surroundings of the famous Sandoval lake, its flora and local fauna. We will walk on hanging bridges, among the tree tops high, we will go ziplining and kayaking, visit the Island of Monkeys and make a night walk. We will be housed in an eco-lodge where we will also be able to taste delicious traditional food of Peruvian rainforest. You don’t want miss this chance!

Huacachina, sandboarding

Located at five hours south of Lima. The oasis in the Huacachina desert is the right place to an extraordinary adventure tour called the Dune Buggy and Sandboarding, this tour is exciting and amazing, and takes you deep into the desert so you can admire the huge sand dunes on the coast. These ancient sand mountains are beautiful and surreal, you also can try sandboarding in the dunes if you are an adventurous traveler!

Lago Titicaca

We will visit the highest navigable lake in the world and its fantastic floating islands of Los Uros, small totora platforms standing out on the intense blue of the lake. Taquile is the largest island of Lago Titicaca (Lake Titicaca). You need to climb 533 steps from the shore to reach the town of Taquile and Amantaní where you stay one night with a local family.