We have two accommodation options for our students. Family Homestay for those seeking a deeper and more authentic cultural immersion and Shared Apartments where you can meet other travelers and live with them.

Family Homestay

Most of our students live with a family during their stay. The opportunity to be part of a Peruvian family is a lifelong experience and you can learn first-hand about their customs and traditions, the amazing Peruvian food and of course practice the language after school. Staying with a family is a very useful way to improve your fluency when communicating and a unique way of understanding Spanish and Latin American ways of life.

Our families have been selected through a very careful process to guarantee the best experience for our students. Such selection includes families with young children to retired people. Their houses are usually from 20 to 30 minutes (walking or by public transportation) away from the school building.

In your family is included half board, you will share breakfast and dinner every day, you have full access to the common areas of the house and Wi-Fi connection. In addition, you can choose a vegetarian or celiac diet or have a private bathroom.

Housing peru spanish

What is included in the host family option?

Housing peru spanish
Housing peru spanish
Caitlin Cohan chose to stay with a Peruvian family and she tells us about her experience……

“When I arrived in Cusco for the first time, I was a little nervous since I didn’t speak much Spanish and I was in an unfamiliar place. But when I was dropped off by the taxi, Leydi, my homestay mother, was waiting for me at the door and kindly welcomed me into her home. I truly felt like I was staying with family. She asked me about what kind of food I liked and cooked delicious meals for me each day. I loved that we ate with her family and it also really helped with my Spanish. She was very helpful in showing me around town and helping me get oriented. She would always about my day and gave me great suggestions of places to go (for fun downtown or for short trips to local towns). I always felt welcome and comfortable with Leydi and her family-I’ve even been back to visit since!”

Shared Apartment

Housing peru spanish

By living in a shared apartment you will meet other students, but also different travelers from around the world with whom you can organize outings, excursions, answer questions and share suggestions and experiences.

For your comfort, the shared apartments are equipped and furnished. You can use the kitchen, utensils and appliances. The living room and the dining room are at your disposal as areas of work or relaxation where you can share leisure time with your roommates. You will have a private bedroom with Wi-Fi connection. Private bathroom is available upon request.

Apartments are usually from 20 to 30 minutes (by foot or by public transportation) away from the school building.


Would you like personalized assistance?

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