Cusco, avec une population de près d’un demi-million d’habitants, est la ville la plus touristique du Pérou et est également la capitale archéologique de l’Amérique du Sud. Cusco est très excitante, pleine d’histoire avec une grande diversité d’attractions archéologiques, naturelles et d’aventure. Elle est également stratégiquement située dans le sud du Pérou, ce qui facilite les déplacements vers d’autres villes importantes en peu de temps, comme Arequipa (canyon de Colca), Puno (lac Titicaca) ou même la forêt tropicale de Puerto Maldonado (réserve naturelle de Tambapata).



Nous sommes situés à seulement dix minutes en bus du centre historique de la ville. Notre école à Cusco se trouve dans une zone résidentielle non touristique, le quartier Magisterio, très calme et sûr, entouré de restaurants, cafés, banques et centres commerciaux, ce qui offre à nos étudiants une expérience authentique et la possibilité de pratiquer l’espagnol à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de l’école. Notre Inmeuble compte neuf (9) salles de classe, un coin café, une cuisine, un patio avec espaces verts, une terrasse et le Wi-Fi.

Adresse: Jiron Ricrdo Palma 18, Cusco 

Téléphone: +51 1 745 7246

Email: cusco@peruspanish.com.pe

Last year, I studied spanish at the ECELA in both Cuzco and Lima, Peru. I enjoyed the experience tremendously in both places. All instructors are very professional and welcoming. Even though I only studied for three weeks, I really felt that I have made a lot of progress. I am not afraid of speaking Spanish with a native speaker again. In addition, I also participated many culture events organized by ECELA, and enjoyed learning the local culture and history.

Chunlin Tan (Canada)

When I arrived at the ECELA school in Cusco last June, I had difficulties to say even a few words in Spanish. However, in the relaxed atmosphere of the school and with the kind and excellent teachers, learning was easy. Actually I must say, I am a bit shy when it comes to express myself in a new language, but my teachers were very patient and helped me overcome my initial embarrassment. So I could enjoy the time in this beautiful and lovely city, with its kind and helpful people. I remember the last day, when my classes were over. What a feeling of nostalgia, when I passed by the house of the school.

Stefan Barthel (Germany)

Ecela was the perfect place to learn Spanish. Detailed, organized lesson plans, enthusiastic teachers, terrific fellow students made it a perfect environment to further my study of the language. I liked it so much, I returned a year later to spend a month studying with Ecela. One of the best experiences I have ever had.

Stacy Gould (EEUU)

I stayed all through February and I truly had an amazing experience. I took all my classes in Cusco and I loved every minute. I decided to stay with a host family to force myself to speak as much Spanish as possible, and the family I stayed with opened their arms and hearts to me immediately. I still keep in touch with them, and I’ve gone back to visit them later. Every day I learnt something useful, and the classes were organized so that you would practice grammar and then talk as freely as possible. This allowed us to have some very interesting discussions, especially since we were all from different countries and experiences.

Ingrid Beltramba (Norway)