With a duration of only 20 hours in 1 week «The explorer Spanish» is a program aimed at travelers who need to learn basic expressions and vocabulary in Spanish to make South America an unforgettable experience. Our students learn to function effectively in airports, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. Our teachers use a communicative method to show students the culture of the country through fun activities in class. If you want to feel safer while traveling, this is the right course.

Latin America is a continent with many destinations and attractions, big cities, small towns, on the beach, the mountains and the jungle, almost all of the South American countries speak Spanish as their first language, but each one has its own expressions of its culture and history, this can become a real challenge when traveling to different countries and cities.
In Peru Spanish we have developed the program The explorer Sapnish that will help travelers to have a much safer and more entertaining adventure. Intercutting with the local people in their language offers the opportunity to interact with your culture as well, and what can be more interesting than that? We have based our extensive experience in the field of teaching Spanish as a second language to identify the most likely scenarios where travelers need to interact with people who probably do not speak another language than Spanish and thus prepare our students to be successful in these situations, of course, speaking Spanish.

Price $ 139 per week