Interactive Grammar: with our method, students take a lead role in their own learning, working in groups or pairs. By working with the professor’s instructions, students will be able to observe, analyze, discover, understand, and assimilate the grammar with the result of applying these skills to practical use (real situations that arise in daily life). Students observe, discover, and understand how the language functions instead of a gaining a shallow understanding of memorized rules. The ultimate goal is a personal ownership and agency over grammatical rules. This methodology is based on Guided Learning principles.

Conversation and communication: There is a wide variety of activities, including debates, role playing, simulations, presentations, audio comprehension, small group or pair work, brief film clips, etc. In this way, students will learn to defeat the fear and self-consciousness of communicating in a new language within the classroom, before employing more confident language use outside of the classroom.

Price: $119 per week

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